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Fire prevention is a must for any company or individual’s house. Every year hundreds of people die due to fire breakouts. Most of these fires could be prevented by proper fire prevention measures.

Locations serviced by ALLPRO:

  • Suffolk County, Long Island NY
  • Nassau County, Long Island NY
  • Queens NY
  • Brooklyn NY
  • Bronx NY
  • Manhattan NY

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Fire Extinguisher Inspection

At ALL PRO Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Service Co we inspect your fire extinguishers, we will provide replacement for fire extinguisher, repair or install sprinkler system. We can also test the fire pumps and cell car fire extinguishers. As important as fire extinguishers are, they are not used everyday. Our staff knows everything they need to know about fire protection and fire extinguishers and we would love to share our knowledge with you and then let you make the most informed decision.

No matter where you live in New York, we will come to help when you need it. We can help you remove violations, comply with fire prevention codes and keep the overall environment of your office or home safe. Many companies and businesses think having fire extinguishers is enough. Well, it is not. Your duty doesn’t end after installing a fire extinguisher in your buildings. There would be no point in having a fire extinguisher if no one knows how to operate, how to locate it, how to access it. If it doesn’t work when it is needed to work, there would be no point installing fire extinguishers. ALL PRO Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Service Co will inspect if the fire extinguishers are in accessible places, if they are operasional, if they need replacement and if they are working. With proper testing, and maintenance you will keep the fire extinguishers in working conditions.

The local fire protection department requires you to get proper fire inspection annually, failure to do so might cause violations. There are some laws that you have to follow such as having fire sprinklers mandatory in fire prone businesses, fire extinguishers every few meters and in each floor of the building, emergency lights, emergency signs and many more such things. Our team can do a visit at your location and tell you what is lacking, what needs to be improved and how to maintain a proper fire preventive atmosphere in your business.

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This website is for informational and lead generation purposes only.  This website connects you to a professional company who is licensed and insured in your area. 


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This website is for informational and lead generation purposes only.  This website connects you with a professional company that is licensed and insured in your area.  If you would like to become a partner please email info@allprofireextinguisher.com