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Commercial kitchens such as in a restaurant need an effective fire prevention system. Since commercial kitchens are more likely to face fire breakouts due to the abundance of oil, greece, fumes and high temperature.

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Commercial restaurants that adhere to the strict safety guidelines and install Ansul systems in their kitchen are more likely to get better coverage by insurance companies in case of mishap, not to mention you are preventing yourself from worse damage. Ansul is an effective fire suppression system. It has detection system places in various locations of the kitchen such as above the stoves, plenum, and other fire prone areas in the kitchen. It is effective in determining a fire breakout in a certain part of the kitchen and tackling it. Unlike traditional fire sprinklers, it does not make multiple points go off at once and destroy the surrounding area. It can suppress the fire from a specific location and then it can reset to function again. The system can be reused without having to reset the whole fire extinguisher system. It can take care of multiple fires at once. Our company provides reliable Ansul system Inspection in Long Island.

The detectors on the Ansul system will release a proper fire suppressant that will block oxygen from promoting the fire. The storage tanks and other parts of the Ansul system are all placed in a metal box that blend in with the surrounding while being perfect. 

Regular maintenance of inspection of the Ansul system is essential if you want to have it keep working. Since the Ansul system, more often than not, remains stagnant. You do not need it for months. That’s why it is essential that you inspect the Ansul system by professionals for making sure it is working correctly. And making sure it works correctly when the time comes. 

Our company provides professionals grade, certifiable safety checks and inspection for the Ansul System in your house. Our inspectors have experience and proper training to be through with their inspection. They will identify if there are any issues that might be in your Ansul system so you can correct on time. Some fire safety guidelines in certain states make it mandatory for commercial kitchens to have regular safety checks for their Ansul System. We understand what are the systems and specifics we need to check in order to protect your employees and customers from potential fire hazards. 

The inspection involves a visual survey. The location of the Ansul system, the location of the nozzles, the placement are some of the things we look at. We will check the pressure gauge making sure they discharge with enough force when required. If the system has gone off before and never been refilled we will refill the tanks. We will check for any tampering with the system. The fusible parts that go off in case of a fire breakout can be checked. If the fuses are not working right we can fix the issue by changing the fuse. Other things to check involves  checking the switches, gas shutoffs valves, detection line, and remote pull station.

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We will check the alarm system making sure they activate when needed and don’t activate falsely. A full documentation will be done for all the parts. Changes and repairs to be made will be documented well. With our inspection you will get a green check from the fire department, remove violations and stay out to date on your fire protection system. We will mark the equipment with a service tag, so for the next inspection the inspector will know any details they need to know.


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