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Have recently gotten an violation for not complying with National Fire Protection Association NFPA codes? We can Help.

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All Pro Fire Extinguisher Inspection Co is a reputed and licenced company in Bronx NY, providing regular fire extinguisher inspection services at an affordable price. We have worked with big companies and corporations helping with getting the violation removed by making changes in their fire protection unit.

We will provide qualified service such as fire extinguisher certification, fire extinguisher classification, fire extinguisher testing, fire extinguisher certification, fire extinguisher inspection, fire extinguisher classes, fire extinguisher maintenance and fire extinguisher recertification in Bronx, NY. We help you meet all the criteria for fire extinguisher certification in Bronx. All Pro Fire Extinguisher Inspection Co is a ethical and honest fire extinguisher Inspection company in Bronx. They take pride in the highest quality and workmanship. Hire our inspection team to get quick and same day service.

How Do You Remove Violation?

If you have come under violation, things could get difficult for you. You won’t be approved to get insurance benefits after an accident if you have a violation registered for your building.To meet the legal criteria of the Fire Department, a FDNY-specific Compliance Certification must be issued separately with the FDNY.

Fire Department of the City of New York Violations happen when your building does not comply with NFPA codes. There are many of them, and it is not possible for you to know them all. If you have considerably old buildings and there have been changes in the NFPA codes that you are not aware of you could get Violation. The best thing to do in such a case? Hire someone who can help you remove the violation. All Pro Fire Extinguisher Inspection Co, is a certified company, our workers know what FDNY will check in their visits. We are well versed with NFPA codes and OSHA codes. So, when you hire us we will look into every little thing, from portable fire extinguisher, water hose fire extinguisher, sprinkler system, fire escapes etc. We will not leave any stones turned. We make sure your building is complying with all the necessary codes. And in case it is not, we will instal and make necessary changes so it does.

After our services, when you apply for violation removal to FDNY and they come to check your building again, you can rest assured that you will get a green check from them.

Do not forget to hire our annual check services, so you get annual inspection for fire extinguisher and stay violation free always.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

We Make Sure Your Building Complies With NFPA And OSHA

OSHA that stands for The Occupational Safety and Health Administration controls the specifications for compact fire extinguishers in the general industry and is laid out in Code of Federal Regulations. When you hire All Pro Fire Extinguisher Inspection Co, you don’t have to read through the big fat guide book of the codes. You can stay rest assured that we help you get in check with all the codes.

We will help you get the right type of fire extinguisher if you don’t have one. We can check that the fire escape is right, all the signs are working. The place has all the equipment for safe evacuation in case of an emergency. Furthermore, we also make sure your building complies with several codes of National Fire protection Association NFPA’s codes, in specific code 10.

What Do We Check For ?

All the fire extinguishers will be checked in your premises. We see that all the fire extinguishers are recognised by certified test laboratories, if not we can help you get replacement.

If you have extinguishers that are more than 12-year old, we will check if they properly hydrostat. Fire extinguishers can have dents, bents, corrosion, staches or any other abnormality that needs to be checked and replaced. Fire extinguishers, the potable kind can’t be repaired. If we notice smoldered and patched fire extinguisher, we will replace them with proper ones.

We will see that the fire extinguishers are placed in locations that are readily available and not obscured or hidden.

We see that the fire extinguishers are available on all the floors of the building and are placed every 75-feet from one another.

We make sure your company has an emergency action plan. Ne or more than one person according to the size of the building, should be put to take charge in case of an emergency.

We will provide training for fire extinguisher handling to your employees as a protocol under NFPA and OSHA.

Employers with an emergency plan designating such jobs as the only staff required to use the accessible portable fire extinguishers and requiring all other people in the fire zone to exit the impacted work area immediately when the fire alarm is activated are excluded from the implementation requirements of the norm. When extinguishers are not available, all laws exempt employers who have established and implemented a formal fire safety policy requiring the immediate and complete evacuation of employees from the workplace when a fire alarm warning is heard.

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Why Do You Choose Us ?

All Pro Fire Extinguisher Inspection Co is state licenced and approved by federal government for performing fire extinguisher inspection. We have regular clients at Bronx, some big names, corporate offices and public buildings who get your premises inspected for proper fire protection protocol every month. When you hire us to give you inspection every month, you are fully insured. You get proper documentation after each visit, where we document every fire extinguisher by serial number and location. We make sure, all of them are working, with pin on place, hydrostat good and in top condition. Once you have all the ticks green, you will be able to show it your insurance and in some cases get concession in your premiums.

We have the highest quality fire extinguisher support, testing, repair, and repairs for the Bronx area.

All Pro Fire Extinguisher Inspection Co is a full-service and certified fire inspection provider actively helping thousands residential, business, and industrial buildings of Bronx, New York protect their property and citizens.


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