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If you have not hired anyone to inspect your fire extinguisher for a long time, it is probably time to do so. Our company ALLPRO Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Service Co provides proper fire extinguisher inspection by a reputed and certified inspection team.

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If you have leaky and faulty or corrupted extinguishers at your home or business location, not to worry. We can provide inspection and determine all the issues that your fire extinguisher has or might have during a fire emergency. We have been providing quality service to the people of New York for more than 30 years and have workers with some of the biggest companies in New York.

ALLPRO Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Service Co provided various types of fire extinguisher inspection services to keep your fire extinguishers in working condition and prevent minor fires in home and workplace. Although we provide all kinds of fire extinguisher services including replacing, refilling, replacing, selling and of course inspection. Inspection is something you can’t get away from. Proper inspection will tell you if you can simply refill your fire extinguisher or you need to replace it.

What To Expect When Our Fire Extinguisher Inspection Team Visits

Our team at ALLPRO Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Service Co will visually check all the fire extinguishers available in your business or residential location. They should be checked in a regular basis, annually or every two years to ensure that the fire extinguisher has proper pressure and fire retardant inside.

We will also check that the fire extinguisher will be in a designated location and can be discovered by anyone in case of an emergency. It can be easily accessible and used when needed. This should be done while installation of the fire extinguishers on the first day then every few years.

The fire extinguisher has a recommended pressure inside the cylinder, anything lower or above can either be ineffective or dangerous for the person operating the fire extinguisher. We will check the proper pressure, the seal on the extinguisher, the stickers on the extinguishers, etc. Broken seal means the contents are not sealed inside, which will prevent the fire extinguisher from working when needed.

We will make sure the fire extinguisher is placed in a place where it is easily visible. It is placed every few meters so anyone can get to them during the emergency. We will look at the pin to see if it is intact and the seal is unbroken. There shouted by any dents on the body of the extinguisher, no rusted portions, leakage or any physical damage.

We will look at the strickers and indicators to see if they are understandable, the writing is visible, all the indicators are readable. The type of fire extinguisher should be written on the body of the fire extinguisher. The date of manufacturing and description of refill and repairs should also be mentioned on the fire extinguishers.

The New York Fire Prevention Department requires every business and commercial place to conduct annual professional fire extinguisher inspections by professional and certified companies to follow all the necessary codes.

We offer yearly inspection of fire extinguisher services all across New York to keep your building safe from life thredending fires and prevent you from major property loss.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Fire extinguishers last a long time, they are fairly durable . An annual inspection of the fire extinguisher is done to keep everything in check rather than to repair. However, that is not always true. In rare cases you may find that your fire extinguisher has bumps, dents, leaks, or rust that can be very dangerous if not taken care of in time. Our team will not only look for such issues but solve the issue by replacing or repairing such fire extinguishers.

At your New York office or business if you notice your fire extinguishers are rusted, old, have cobwebs around it, the pin is loose, and the fire extinguisher has never been touched make sure to call our inspection team. We provide basic and advanced fire extinguisher maintenance depending on the size and complexity of the fire extinguisher.

Recharge Fire Extinguisher

If you recently used the fire extinguisher for some reason, you don’t need to buy a new one. We provide recharging or refilling services for fire extinguishers. No matter the type of fire extinguisher you have we refill it.Even if you have used a tiny amount of extinguisher, you should immediately refill the fire extinguisher. Fire extinguishers are extremely important and not having proper fire extinguishers at your location can be devastating, even the smallest fires can turn deadly without proper fire prevention in place. Few milliseconds of lost fire extinguisher pressure can make the difference between a tiny flame and a devastating and expensive catastrophe.

Hydrostatic Extinguisher Testing

Fire extinguishers are built to last for decades, more than 10 years at least, however, testing should be done to make sure there is no leakage in the cylinder. If your fire extinguisher is older than 12 years, call us today for a Hydrostatic extinguisher test! A hydrostatic extinguisher check should guarantee the fire extinguisher shell has no holes or leakage that can cause it to collapse when you need it most.

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ALLPRO Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Service Co gives topmost priority to ensure safety of the people. We are thorough with our inspections. We DO NOT skip over services. We take pride in our role as “customer first,” and we will do whatever it takes to ensure that your properties and valuables are secured from fire risks and that your building follows fire safety standards. We cover everything under fire protection inspection especially fire extinguishers. When you need a reliable inspection team will ensure you follow all the fire codes and have all the fire extinguishers in the building working in proper condition. Our service cost depends on the size of your property, the number and kind of fire extinguisher, for more details or answer any questions, give us a call any day of the week.


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