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In case of fire outbreak in an office, house or public spaces, fire pumps play a major role in pushing fire into the fire sprinkler system. Normal flow of water that we get from our taps isn’t strong enough to sprinkle out water in multiple sprinklers.

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These fire pumps can either be powered by diesel generators or electric. Although both types of fire pumps are effective, diesel engines give you the freedom to operate the fire pumps without electricity, which is a plus point in case of electric fires. Some Electric engines are equipped with both electric and diesel generators, which enables them to switch to diesel generators when the power switches off. For diesel fire pumps checking the fuel levels is important. If the pump does not have enough fuel to power the fire pumps it won’t be able to function during an emergency.

Here Are Some Of The Things We Look At While Testing Your Fire Pumps

Control Valves 

Control valves prevent water from spurting out when not needed. It channels the water to the right direction. It opens when water is needed and closes when not. Our team will check the movement of the valve. If it’s having trouble opening or closing, the water pressure might not be right when water is needed for the sprinklers. We will check that the seals are in place, there is no leakage, etc. the marking on the pump should clearly indicate where the control valve is, how to open or close it and wrenches should be available.

Lubrication System 

We will clean the old lubrication from the joints and crankcases. We will apply a new layer of lubrication for easy movement of the cranks. Lubrication will prevent rusting and jamming of movable parts.

Exhaust System 

Fire pumps are high energy machines that heat up given if they don’t have a proper ventilation the pump regularly will also ensure proper ventilation and checking on the exhaust system is one thing we definitely check. We will inspect hangers and support flexible exhaust as preventive maintenance.

Fuel System 

We check the fuel levels, the wires, the connections, terminals, and overall flow of electricity when the engines are on.

Electrical System 

If your fire pump is operated on electricity we will check the wires, any frayed wires in the system or cross connection. We have some knowledgeable electricians on board who will do a through check for the electric inputs and mechanical outputs of the fire pump system.

Mechanical System 

Fire pumps have various mechanical parts that we take a look at to ensure they are working right. We will see if the manual starting system of the pumps are working or not. The controls are checks, like buttons, switches, valves. We will check the power cable links, breakers, pipes, water tanks, gas tank doors etc.

Pump Operation 

There are many functions that go inside a pump when it runs, to make sure all the functions are running smoothly we will conduct some tests. We will check with low water pressure, and peak flow. We will check if the sensors are working with precision. The water discharged would be tested and efficient tests would be conducted.

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At ALL PRO Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Service Co, we have more than 30 years of experience in fire protection services. We have been conducting proper fire pump testing for industries all over New York. We will provide testing for the power of the fire pump, the speed of the water, their suction power, valves, discharge pumping and everything else associated with it. We test all kinds of fire pumps, be it diesel or electric fire pumps, be it modern or older technology of fire pumps. Hire us to keep your fire protection services on check, avoid violations and keep proper safety methods. We will make sure your building is up to date on all the modern fire protection technology.

ALL PRO Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Service Co’s has helped hundreds of businesses in keeping their premises up to date on fire prevention. We work towards bettering your automatic fire extinguisher system. We follow all the necessary protocols in the New York Code Regulation while testing your fire pumps. Our evaluation methods are based on government standards and the certification we give afterwards is recognised by all regulatory bodies. At ALL PRO Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Service Co follows all the necessary safety and protection amendments implemented by National Fire Protection Association Manual for the Inspection, Monitoring and Repair of Fire Pumps. We use approved methods to record the results of the fire system evaluation including for fire pumps.

ALL PRO Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Service Co provides annual fire pump testing facilities. We also test other fire protection equipment in your building. If you need on demand testing, we can make it possible. Many times when you move offices, have done a major renovation or have suffered from malfunctioning sprinklers in the recent time, testing should be immediate. Give us a call and our team will provide a thorough testing for all your fire preventive measures including fire pumps. We provide certification as a proof of testing.

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While we’re conveniently located in New York city, we ‘re proud to say we’re traveling all over New York state. We provide our customers with the highest quality of service. You may order our services which includes Inspection, testing, certification and maintenance of fire safety pumps are integral procedures. At ALL PRO Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Service Co we believe the parts of the system of fire protection should be up and working at all times including fire pumps. The failure of one system can lead to dangerous and life threatening emergencies. Our team provides quality testing that will prevent such accidents. When you need professional fire pump testing by licenced company, give us a call. We will be more than happy to work with you to our full capability.


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