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ALL PRO Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Service Co provides sprinkler upgrades, installation, replacement, repair, maintenance and emergency sprinkler service. Most commercial and public buildings are fitted with sprinkler systems.

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Most states require commercial places to have sprinkler systems installed as a fire defence mechanism. Sprinklers play a major role in saving lives. For any business, safety of their employees should be their number one priority. Sprinkler systems are one of the best ways to ensure your employees are saved from probable fires. Sprinklers work with a very simple mechanism. Once heat and fire is detected, the sprinkler system is automatically activated. This causes the water to be disposed of automatically and prevent the fire from spreading. Some sprinklers spray foam based fire retardant while others just spray mist. The National Fire Protection Association ( NFPA) has seen it’s study that building with sprinklers are able to prevent 95% more cases of fires than buildings that do not have sprinkler systems. building where a properly managed full, automatic sprinkler system was in operation.

Properly Working Sprinklers Can Cut The Losses To Half

Fire spreads very fast. The aftermath of fire is devastating. You can cut down on the losses by installing a sprinkler system. You can also prevent the fire from spreading from it;s origin to another location. Most sprinkler systems are fitted with heat or smoke detection. They will be activated when they sense there is fire in the building. These automatic sprinklers can minimize collateral losses, save lives and combined with early warning signals and other fire prevention measures, you can save your property and employees from major fire catastrophe. Companies who want to cut down on the cost of installing sprinklers are highly likely to go through property loss as well as get poor reimbursement from insurance companies.

If you are worried that sprinklers will go off without warning and wet your office building, warehouse, or employees, then be at rest. Such things happen one in hundred cases. Get fire sprinklers installed by professionals, and getting it maintained will prevent such accidents from happening. Also, it will keep your fire sprinklers in good condition.

Sprinkler Maintenance

The sprinkler usually works 9 out of 10 times in normal condition and to increase your changes further, you must hire someone to give your sprinklers regular maintenance. ALL PRO Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Service Co ensures that individual sprinkler hoses are in perfect condition, they are triggered when needed and not when not required. If you have happened to check your sprinklers for ages and don’t know whether it would work in case of a real fire, the best way is calling our certified inspection team of ALL PRO Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Service Co. lack of maintenance will cause rusting on the pipes, sensors to stop working, the sprinklers getting stuck when they are supposed open for action. The whole point of installing the sprinkler would be ineffective if it doesn’t work during a fire emergency.

We Are The Best Fire Protection Providers In The New York Area

When it comes to safety against fires, you can never be too careful. ALL PRO Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Service Co provides fire extinguisher services, fire sprinkler services and all other fire prevention services for companies, organisations and residences. ALL PRO Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Service Co is a best known company in New york to provide the much needed fire protection and sprinkler services. We install and repair fire sprinklers to care for people and our customer’s property by providing quality service. ALL PRO Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Service Co has more than 30 years of experience installing fire sprinklers for all kinds of organisations and businesses. We are known for our highest technical efficiency, and reasonable pricing. We understand the dangerous risks that fires pose and work towards lowering the dangers.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Installing Sprinkler System

ALL PRO Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Service Co is proud of our know-how and experience in all sprinkler machine models. No matter the type sprinkler system you want to install and where you install it, we can help. We have installed enough sprinklers in New York to know how to install highly efficient sprinklers that will work 99.9% of the time. Our qualified workers will make your property more effective against fire protection and make your building safe for the inhabitants. We are New York’s finest fire sprinkler installers, we will install sprinklers in all types of buildings to protect your home or company in New York. In addition to setting up the right sprinkler device for your home, the skilled mechanics would set it up at the best price that is cost-efficient for you.

Sprinkler System Repair

If you are someone who has sprinklers on their property it would be best if you get sprinkler monitoring. The sprinklers system should be tested to ensure it operates to it’s full efficiency and minimises any fire damage. Our team is highly qualified to take care of such things. If you have old and damaged sprinklers in your property, we will repair it. We will check the pipes, and replace any pipe that is stuck, blocked, rusted or loose. We will do a visible inspection to see there are no visible damages in the sprinkler. If something needs changing, replacing or simply a little tightening up, we will help. We have worked all over New York and surrounding areas repairing all kinds of fire sprinkler systems. We ensure that all your sprinklers are continuously working towards providing proper protective service.

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Testing Of Sprinkler System

Testing one of the vital aspects of keeping your sprinkler in top working conditions. Our company will supply the sprinkler device with standard testing methods. This will ensure that it is working in its full capacity. We also test that the wet and dry pipe networks are maintained together with ensuring that the water flow is correctly flowing through the pipes. We make sure the control valves are labelled and working. We ‘re also making sure that the pump pumps enough water for the sprinkler. When there are any issues during servicing and testing so we will fix the cheapest price for your sprinkler device.

We take note of any faulty tubings, blockages and leaky parts in the sprinkler. In our review we found that if we find any issue, our repair team will repair it then and there, so you don’t have to go anywhere else. If needed we will fully rebuild your sprinkler system at the best possible quality. Our qualified staff will restore the sprinkler device at the cheapest price and it will be as good as fresh.


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