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We provide all kinds of fire safety inspection for your business. If you have a violation, we can help you remove the violation by inspecting and finding out the breaches in fire safety. We have worked with enough business to know what makes a business safe for their employees. Ur inspection personnel are certified professionals in the field. They have been trained to be experts in what they do. They will look at every detail to make sure your premises are safe from fire hazard and fire emergencies.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Why Perform Fire Inspection For Your Queens Business?

Fire inspection service can save your business from major fire destruction. If you have seen the news, you will know how millions of dollars of d=business is destroyed for negligence in the fire safety department. ALLPRO Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Service Co. will inspect your warehouse, corporate office, retail store, clinic etc for fire safety measures and give you proper documentation of all the observations. We can help to point out what needs to be changed to restore the safety measures.

What Is Involved In Fire Inspection?

We inspect various aspects of fire safety. We will check if all the fire extinguishers are accessible to anyone during an emergency. If the fire extinguisher is placed somewhere where it won’t be apparent, we will suggest the place where you can put it. We will give fire extinguishers training to your employees. We can also check the fire alarm, sprinklers and pumps. If you have a shortage of fire extinguishers in your premises, we can sell you authorized fire extinguishers.

Why Install Hoods In Your Commercial Kitchen?

Restaurant hoods do a very important job of keeping everything oil free and clean, it also removes heat and fumes. When you are cooking in multiple ctives, fumes from burnt food, water vapour, oil droplets and several types of fumes are bound to happen. Without proper exhaust, you will have a difficult time working with multiple employees inside a commercial kitchen. Hoods helps to remove the fumes, heat and oil droplets, keeping your kitchen clean.

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We Install Kitchen Hoods For Your Restaurant In Queens NY

ALLPRO Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Service Co. has been helping restaurants and commercial kitchens with new hood installation as well as replacement of old hoods. We have some of the best collections of restaurant hoods that are manufactured locally. These are affordable and durable hoods with high power exhaust functionality. You can choose the kind of hood, the design and specific functions you want in your hood. Once you have decided on the kind of hood you want to install, we call install them for you. Your company provides affordable installation without compromising on the quality. ALLPRO Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Service Co. is looking forward to working with you. Give us a calm to get a free estimate.


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