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All Pro Fire Extinguisher Inspection Co. is a certified and approved company for the installation of commercial hoods for restaurants.

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If you’re replacing your old kitchen hood or installing a new one for your restaurant in Long ISland NY, you ‘d want someone who’s reliable to do that for you. Our company has a strong knowledge of how to do proper ventilation for a place like a commercial kitchen where hundreds of people can work together in addition to fires, natural gas, LPG and cooking oil, etc. Security is the most important thing when it comes to the construction of restaurant hoods, and we ensure that this is achieved in a way that prevents fire hazards, guarantees adequate ventilation and keeps the workers secure while they operate.

All Pro Fire Extinguisher Inspection Co has years of experience in designing and installing commercial kitchen ventilation systems for commercial kitchen owners in Long Island, NY. Our company has a good relationship with catering hood dealers. We can get parts and hoods for you at a discounted rate. Because we use hoods from legitimate manufacturers in the USA, you can be 100 % sure of the quality of the products. We ‘re not going to outsource any portions of the restaurant hoods, so you can remain confident of the price of the material we ‘re using.

Why Mount The Hood System Restaurant?

Commercial kitchens would be very dangerous if they weren’t for restaurant hoods. Restaurant hoods serve the essential task of eliminating heat, carbon dioxide, water vapour, greece, smoke, oil fumes, natural gas fumes, etc. from the closed kitchen area. Heat, oil and flame is a deadly combination of fire, particularly with people who work in rush hours and are prone to mistakes. VIt would not be unfair to consider the hood or ventilation system as the first line of fire safety security. Aside from protecting your kitchen from burning, it also eliminates harmful CO2 gas that can cause dizziness and nausea if not managed, which can minimize odor and make your kitchen energy consumption more effective.

How Is The Hood Going To Be Installed?

Restaurant hoods should be used where the maximum amount of smoke is generated on top of gas stoves, grills, ovens, fryers, etc. The type and size can be determined by a professional who has experic = nce when installing a restaurant hood. The restaurant hood equipment needed for the kitchen varies widely in size and style, depending on the equipment used and the local codes. It’s best to work with an industry expert in your special kitchen setup to make sure you buy the right device. Our professional and friendly product advisory team is always ready to assist.

Are You Expected To Remove Your Hood Filter?

Restaurants are routinely inspected by the New York Fire Department. If they visit your restaurant for a surprise search, you don’t want them to flag you. It can be very hectic to get rid of the breach. The easiest way to do so is to test the filters periodically to see if they are clogged and need to be adjusted. Performing routine maintenance will increase the distance between filter replacement, but if you find that your restaurant hood has started to clog badly, you may consider replacing it.

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Groups Of Hoods That We Install

Double Island Canopy: fixed to the ceiling over back to back cooking islands in commercial kitchens where all forms of cooking equipment are available.

Single island canopy: hood fixed on the ceiling where a single line of cooking island is positioned used by all forms of cooking appliances.

Eyebrow Hood: These types of hoods are directly placed over cooking devices such as ovens, stoves, stoves and dishwashers.

Push-over style: If a plate push-over configuration is required, it is used over counter-height. Facilities.

Wall-mounted canopy: these types of hoods are directly mounted on the ground. Any cooking appliances used by the wall have benefited from these types of hoods.

Backshelf Hood: used for equipment used for counter heights. Usually mounted against a wall, but often used as stand-alone units.

What Kind Of Kitchen Filter Is Best For Your Kitchen?

With the various types of hoods available on the market , it is important to decide the type of hood you want to add. If you’re not sure about the style, you can ask one of your service men to visit your location and give you an idea of what kind of kitchen hood is best for your restaurant. Form typically depends on the layout of your kitchen and where the cooking or heating elements are located. Also, a combination of styles and various types of hoods needs to be used to cover all cooking areas in the kitchen. We will write down, stretch and measure where the hoods will be mounted to give you full ventilation capacity.

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We allow you to design the ultimate kitchen hood appliance to suit your unique needs. We sell all sorts of new and used hoods, including canopy hoods, island hoods and backshelf hoods. Our skills allow us to design, scale, order or construct any piece of equipment that may be required in a commercial kitchen.

We offer our commercial hood installation services throughout Long Island, NY. We are proud to stand behind our craftsmanship, and our consumers can rest assured that they will be in the best possible hands.


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