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Are you looking to install hood in your restaurant in Nassau County NY? Get professional installation done by ALLPRO Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Service Co.

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We have 20 years of experience in installing the best quality hoods for restaurants. ALLPRO Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Service Co. work with trained professionals who have installed hoods for thousands of clients and know which kind of hood will be perfect for your restaurant kitchen. We not only install the hood by supplying the hood of the best quality for local manufacturers.

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Types Of Hood We Install

Wall Attached Hoods

These types of hoods are attached to the wall. These are standard hoods used in restaurants where the range and stoves are set along the wall.

Island Hood

Island hood is opposite of wall attached hoods. These are lone structures above the stove hanging from the ceiling. If your cooking stove is not attached to a wall, island hood is one of the options.

Why Should You Install Hoods

One of the most important reasons to install hoods is to improve the air quality of the kitchen. A commercial kitchen like that of a restaurant has multiple stoves working at ones, too many people inside a single area working together. The fumes from cooking, the heat and odors can be quite the problem for the cooks and chefs. It will also case a fire hazard in the close confines of the kitchen if the fumes are not removed. It improves the air quality and keeps the chefs, cooks and everyone working inside the kitchen more comfortable. The hood also provides an amazing option of overhead lighting to illuminate the cooktop.

Hoods Can Prevent Fires In Your Kitchen

The most common type of fire in the kitchen is grease fire. Since the kitchen hood absorbs the oil droplets, it reduces the grease. This also prevents the accumulation of grease on the ceiling, around the stove. Cleaning becomes easy with grease filtration. And subsequently, you prevent the spread of fire caused when grease catches fire. Since kitchens are more likely to catch fire due to high heat and open flames, getting rid of the grease is essential.

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Get The Best Hood Installation

If you want a company that gives you warranty for their installation, ALLPRO Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Service Co. is the company for you. Our services and products have warranty, so you can be assured about the quality. Give us a call and we can discuss the right kind of kitchen hood for your kitchen. You can look through the catalogue to determine the right design, colors, and functions for the type of hood you want to install.

ALLPRO Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Service Co. installs all kinds of hoods for commercial kitchens. We are available on all days of the give. Our representative will help you with any questions you have. Give us a call to show you all the options we have for the hoods and find the right one for your kitchen.


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